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Blessed be the name of God

April 27, 2009

Today is a beautiful day. It is not only the day that I count, the Omer and thank God for being a chosen elect to bear all the glorious witnesses of the earth. Yes, even the mysteries, that I can try to utter, if only I could peek unto the cherubim that is guardian of the most holy.

Sunday was really awesome. I went into the enemies camp and pronounced him guilty. It seem like every time I would praise him, then I would see people laughing. If I did not see people laughing then I would see them rolling their eyes at me. Or if they weren\’t rolling their eyes at me then someone was pulling me to the side and telling me that they were gossiping about me.

I have admitted that I had some up and downs, nothing less than heartache, heartbreak, hardtimes; chaos, controversy and confusion. In it all, God is my God. I served one God. I asked them to praise him in His Name.

One woman even told me that I need to read the bible. I am 43 years old. She doesn\’t know my frequency for study or reading the bible. I told her that I was the priest and all I could do was offer her my olive tree. I admit that I should position myself somewhere, that I can share, grow and learn. I have gotten good warning from the Almighty God that that is not the church for me. Most of all, I don\’t want people to make fun of me when I confess that I have fallen six or seven times. I hope that they can learn from my sexual immorality. It is a miracle that I do not have a terminal disease and that all of my limbs are still working, to the Glory of God. I thank God that my sexual immorality did not break up any homes or cause any one to lose their salvation (Colosians 1:10-18; 1 Peter 5:7).

I pray every day that the light will be a blessing to his descendants. I ask God for his strength and all my ancestors strength. Most of all I pray that my Rod continues to grow. I want to know about my ancestors and stop crying and grieving for them. I want my children to enjoy their heritage. I want to bond with my tribe, even if we are nine to 1 trillion degrees of separation. Most of all, I thank all of those who have made me welcome in the study of the Torah and the King james version of the bible.

I wanted to be set free from sin. I did not want my sin to cause my death, or it to be the death of me. When we say that we are dead to sin, that means that vanity is over with and you don\’t breathe unless God makes you alive (Deuteronomy 32:38; Exodus 15:6-8 and Exodus 30:10 and Ezekial 37: 1-10).

I wanted the path of sin to end, and I wanted to be free at last. I no longer wanted to bead in my sin. I did not want to be dead in sin. I want sin to be dead to me. I do not want to bear the iniquity of sin, from my forefathers – in the members of your body. You are dead in your sin when you don\’t repent. So don\’t let people laugh at you and make fun of you because you confess with your heart that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, and that you don\’t want to sin no more.

Remember, there is only one God and His name is Jehovah, our God is Lord. I am no longer lost. I thank God for pushing back the waters with his sinew, and I thank God for breathing life into the members of my body. I pray for peace that there will be no more division and apprehension. Genesis 32:32.

~ Thalia

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  1. July 10, 2009 10:58 pm

    As for my identity, the order never changes. This is the permanent statute that God has given my family forever. You do not know which Son of Aaron that I descend from…., as all descended from the High Priest, a Prince and a Chief. Jesus did not change the order of the Levitical family, by right he is the identity of His earthly father, the Lion of Judah.

    If you think a human being is going to try to be a HolyPriest is an eternal Priest and the salvation of the Jews, with a reputation of killing all of the prophets on the alter. Never. Father God has to sustain you because the religion of Judaism is so different in 2009.

    Most of all Paul was writing to influence Christians. I am not a Christian. So maybe you got my denomination mixed up.

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