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What can I say in less than 5 minutes, April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009

Okay what do you say in English, if you only have five minutes. Let’s see, there is so much to say. I am still counting down the Omer, with prayer. I am asking God to release the power to minister before him, as he had originally established, when he said that you would be a priestly heritage, throughout all the nations of the world.

I am not going to sit somewhere, that the person thinks that they are better then you. And they don’t have anything to say but Jesus, the voice isn’t even convincing. We know that God will be the judge. However, I think it is rude that when people are talking to you, they can ask questions, but there only response is Jesus. I want to know more about the real you.

We are still on the study of Ezekiel 37:3-10 and the prophet Ezekiel is from the priestly line, a line that is on fire for the Lord. There are two main points to the parable and point a is that God realizes the chemistry with the body of the man, the sinew. He has consistently shown man that I will bring life and take life through the Sinew. He wants us to be holy and he does not profane the sinew. The second point is that He, God alone, realizes that only he can send his messenger back to earth. He knows that His Messenger will let those know that are sleeping in Him, what tribe that they belong to. He will use Ephraim, a descendent of Joseph to lead the twelve tribes as one. The twelve tribes will believe in the Messiah all together, whomever He is and whomever He will be in the future.

Stop being hard on people, because they don’t believe in you. Only God has the right to tell you through revelation when you should believe and no longer doubt.

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