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Entry for May 01, 2009

May 1, 2009


Earlier this week, we left with the Leviticus two that the brothers Nadab and Abihu died near the veil, and yet they were so young and full of promises. No the on the job training does not have a contributory negligence clause that can be used as a defense in only a few states. The last clear doctrine allows the plaintiff to recover full damages despite his or her failure to exercise care. God warns us about holiness. It is as simple as a place that is sacred in your home for prayer, or your traditions and habits that don’t compromise your belief in God. The Eternal One that brought the Israelites out of bondage, Exodus 15:8 and Exodus 30:6-10 from Egypt, by using his sinew to pull the water back, so that my ancestors could cross, the Red Sea, at Sea of Rees (1490 B.C.).

A year later, in 1491 my ancestor’s heart was charged by the Law of Moses, as commanded by God to bear the iniquity of the children of Israel, as a perpetual statute. He had to love his brethren by walking in love. We too can be hold, because He is most holy. By walking in love this is the parable of the burnt offering that we can post on or any other digital social networking. Burnt offering is required, but also Elijah the Tishbite (I Kings 18; and Ezekiel 37:19) is an echo in the future to direct all of Israel, with one Rod. Right now there is only one visible Rod that has budded and he was charged with loving Israel. A burnt offering is required and was conducted the same as a sin, grain, trespass, wave, thanksgiving and peace offering etc (Numbers 28:27; Leviticus 23:18, 19).

We know that all good things work for the good of God. Reading in the privacy of your own home, ought to be a sign that you feel comfortable doing the same in public. Then why it is that someone would tell you this is not a sanctuary for that… How could I have been stupid enough to be in a place that is not a sanctuary for all people? Praising the one benevolent God is perfect and void of confusion I am still waiting for a scripture or some scholarly proof to support their doctrine (1 Timothy 4:16). Are you heading to a doctrine that births salvation, and nurtures redemption? The Prophetess Hannah rejoiced in her salvation (I Samuel 2:1).

No way. There is an evil spirit in people that are determined to break up every home that is poor, because it is not subjected to their imagination and that is one free from oppression, ‘ism,” destitution, desolation, and every political and economic attack, during a storm. But, I have learned to praise Him, in some unconventional circumstances, because I made honorable sacrifices to my country and to my salvation. So I say to you that if you walk in your doctrine and false religion, may your light be exposed for just that, for your greed and covetousness that is bent on the destruction of families and their homes (I Samuel 15:33; Exodus 17:11; Numbers 14:45). There are so many people that are homeless and fatherless and this is so prevalent in your community than any other community, why is this so in our society, and in our culture. Now don’t be dismayed and give up believing in God if you find yourself homeless for a little longer than six months; jobless for longer than a year; singled out by a government that is not by the people, for the people and protects all of its poor people (I Samuel 2:8-10; Job 1:21; Psalm 75:7; Job 36:7 and Psalm 91:11). We pray that there will be peace to comfort you. I say to you to continue to live in a peaceful prayer and that One day god will answer your prayer and affirm that He is the Eternal One.

The sinew is symbolical, because each time it demonstrated that the Lord is preparing you to be redeemed in the final day. The first example is Jacob wrestling with an angel. I bet he saw at least one large grey hovering figure over him, much like our main guardian angel could look like (Genesis 12:3; Exodus 23:18) prior to witnessing for the Lord, and some of us have said that he has been on the earth, because God told them. I have talked to a lot of people who have said a lot of things, but no one can argue with you about revelational knowledge. Nevertheless, Jacob demonstrated that whatever you give me Lord, I will wrestle with it, he wouldn’t let the angel go until he blessed him, it was the only way to be blessed, and then he would be satisfied (Genesis 32:24-30).

As people we have a lot more in common than you think, we are no different when it comes to the simple things or the complex things in life, and God knows nothing is more important that our salvation, to be assured that we will be redeemed – into Eternal life. Some people have said that if that is all I hope for then I am hopeless and helpless, I disagree. I have seen the mighty hand of God. I am not afraid to be a martyr and to suffer. I can only go through what my family has gone through and suffer what they have suffered in this life, and God knows nothing is more precious than our salvation, by the way we sing, dance and jump for joy.

How many are concerned about your salvation and redemption?

For me, I was very concerned about my mother just as much as she was concerned about me. As a matter of fact a few nights before she died, all I could do was toss and turn and run up and down my bed. I literally wrestled with the fact that my Mother would no longer need her physical body anymore that she was going home to be with the Lord. I was foolish and selfish t a time that I should have been a very rational thinker, as a matter of fact to linear thinking. Selfish as it may seem, I struggled to accept, praise, acclaim, extol, honor, exalt, worship laud, celebrate and glorify this God, the author of Life who makes alive (Deuteronomy 32:38).Yet, during my mourning that never ceased for at least seventeen years, the grief that only covered my face, had a difficult time hiding the Countenance of God. Losing a parent is just as serious as losing a child, because it is unnatural and like something is missing.

Well that’s all for today. The next time we will talk about the commandments that God gives to pertaining to holiness. The offering was subjected to holiness; the offering of burnt, wave, sin heave (a perpetual statute to Aarons’ sons). Although a burnt offering was required every Sabbath, the Chief Priest was required to make atonement once a year throughout their generations: it is most holy. God commanded the actions of his Prophet Moses, and Aaron. Although Aaron was pretty much silent except in Leviticus 10 and the Golden Calf experience (Exodus Chapter 30:11-25:35 – Parashat Ki Tisa).

Like an aptitude test God challenges us to not only comprehend what
he says, but to also obey his word. While he sent an angel very high in the heavens, he promises to send a Messiah in our day and time with our redemption in the final days, and if we are not there then the blessings would go to our descendants. Will you be there, are you protecting your children so that they will be strong enough to be a part of the legacy that Jerusalem promises; everything is centered on Jerusalem.

Again Heavenly Father, we thank you your Saints are not too eager to sit at the Royal table that your statutes are everlasting to everlasting to my generation and forever ore. You are the heir to the blessings of Abraham. We are the seed of Abraham, it is our inheritance. May the blessings of peace be on you as you go in search of your heritage, your tribe, your identity, the Kingdom that will be undivided – the House of Israel and King David as our King forever.

Most Holy, when I think about my ambitions for me. I don’t want any other King. Israel will remain a prince among many nations (Genesis 32:28). I can’t accept another Chief. I can’t think of a grandeur Priest. I don’t want any other nation’s capital. You are not going to give me what you owe me. I want my Holy temple, back this sanctuary is not worthy of me. Here are some scriptures for you meditate on:

Exodus 29:9

Leviticus 2:2-4

Exodus 28:36, 43

Exodus 35:28-29

Leviticus 5:15-17

Exodus 30:7-10, 29, 35

Exodus 27:20-21

Exodus 15:25-26


Early Settlers of Alabama reveal that President George Washington\’s Wife, Martha is a family Clan of the Sanders (see page 8 of 71),

Source Information:

United States, Bureau of Land Management. Mississippi Land Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1997. Original data: United States, Bureau of Land Management. Mississippi Pre-1908 Patents: Homesteads, Cash Entry, Choctaw Indian Scrip and Chickasaw Cession Lands. General Land Office Automated Records Project, 1997.

About Mississippi Land Records

This database contains information on Mississippi (U.S.A.) land records. The database comes from the Bureau of Land Management\’s Mississippi Pre-1908 Homestaed and Cash Entry Patent and Cadastral Survey Plat Index. Information recorded in the collection includes patentee name, land office, legal description, etc.

For more information about this database, click here.

Officially known as the Pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patent and Cadastral Survey Plat Index, this database contains the information from over 169,000 land patents and other material dated before 1908 for the state of Mississippi. Information recorded in the collection includes patentee name, land office, legal description, etc.

Name: Reuben Sanders Land Office: COLUMBUS Document Number: 6416 Total Acres: 80.16 Signature: Yes Canceled Document: No Issue Date: 1 Feb 1841 Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566 Multiple Warantee Names: No Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820 Multiple Patentee Names: No Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries Land Description:


Reuben Sanders

Land Office:


Document Number:


Total Acres:




Canceled Document:


Issue Date:

1 Feb 1841

Mineral Rights Reserved:


Metes and Bounds:


Statutory Reference:

3 Stat. 566

Multiple Warantee Names:


Act or Treaty:

April 24, 1820

Multiple Patentee Names:


Entry Classification:

Sale-Cash Entries

Land Description:








I promise next week, we will look more into the military characters of Thomas Sanders’ and William Sanders; it seems that my paperwork is misplaced.

Well, with William Sanders’ investigation the matter he is a revolutionary soldier by the Justice of the Peace in Franklin County, North Carolina in 1832. Thomas Sanders’ widow Anna (Nancy) discovers that there was never any bounty land attached to his service record in March 1855, when she is correction not 80 years old as previously stated but 90 years old. Next week for sure, it looks like the original transcription got missing.

Again thanks for stopping by, and I hope that all your wishes for health, prosperity and peace.

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