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Promote Peace – a righteous everlasting covenant Psalm 105:10

May 14, 2009

President Obama wanted people that don’t agree on specific issues but agree that there must be an open fight to close the race and economic gap to participate in the meeting.

The march, on Saturday, May 16th, 2009 in Washington to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, thousands of people from across the country will come together to demand that we finally bring true equality to our schools.

Then on Monday, May 11th, 2009, I went to the synagogue and we had a good crowd come out and view the film, “Talking behind Walls.” The movie was very intense and hypo-critical of Islamic Americans. Unfortunately the individuals that were talking behind walls basically said attacked normal individuals who had done no wrong to human beings and stereotyped a group of individuals linked to a way of life and a professional organization based on their affiliation and nationality. Freedom of speech and religiosity is a guaranteed freedom of the Preamble’s Constitution for the United States of America. The Global Peace Festival, is another favorite organization of mine. I was the benefactor of 1,000,000 kind acts an implemented service project in conjunction with the United Nations Millenium Project. Let me tell you if I had hit the lottery then I would have definitely rewarded the youth handsomely, as they left their schools during break, hung out together and worked with our community and church to make the world a better and safer place for the youth. We ended their reign in the DC area with a cookout, a few concerts and church service. Remember in order to combat poverty, illiteracy, unplanned pregnancy, and homelessness; it will take you and me to make this come to an end throughout the world. Together we can make a difference, because we are truly, “One Family Under God.”

You can either sit back and be a part of the problem by not taking the responsibility to moderate the problems that have been created in your name. Trust and believe we have been in this country for over 500 years, and although we don’t cause problems the plight of Blacks, from any descent of the world, in their diaspora as they are scattered from their original homelands and landed in America has been overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is very important that you keep open dialogue because when the person does come from behind the wall, I don’t have a problem giving that person a piece of my mind. Trust and believe economic and political barriers do exist and should be monitored and moderated.

It can be a burden to moderate a voice for the voiceless if you are not in a degree similar to their position and their prospective. You can say that you want to ignore the naysayers, but you need to put yourself in a prayerful position to speak in a tone that is humble, where you are not hitting and arguing with the adversary. Yes, I am talking about me, and just throw all those court cases away, in the name of Jesus. Be ready that when they leave you alone, that you will be obedient to the word of God and leave him alone. As a prospective member of a Native American tribe, I can not be the one to argue your case, and say yes it has similar contentions of discrimination and racial hate i.e., labeling people terrorist. If I took up your cause and defended a doctrine that is not mine and operated outside of the authority of the Heavenly Father, because Jesus is more than his begotten son (John 3: 16-18) who wished that we would not perish, but would have everlasting life.

Remember, regardless of what your expectations are, mine is that we would receive adequate news coverage when we promote peace for affairs that are non-Christian but are very Islamic in nature, but benefit the general welfare of society. Nevertheless, Jesus said that if your brethern goes one mile, then you go two miles. I am asking you to be kind and prayerfully led to support the groups aformentioned in monetary donations, hosting dialogues, aligning with the church and being a part of God’s Family (Matthews 5:41 and Psalm 105:23-27).

In counting the Omer, from, “Bonding is the ultimate emotional connection. While the first five qualities (love, discipline, compassion, endurance and humility) are interactive, they manifest duality: the lover and the beloved. The emphasis is on an individual’s feelings, not necessarily on mutuality.” Last week, I talked about humility and how perfect love castes out fear of hate and rejection. I talked about how Good Customer Service is key in our tone of voice. Remember Jesus could do nothing in the house of Israel because of so little faith. Nevertheless, I can’t do anything if you are going to put your problems on me to bare alone, you are going to continue to be arrogant in your perverted ways to use me as an escape-goat. I think a lot of bad things about who you are by the way you are dressed rather or not your clothes are clean or stained and your disrespect for a minority of people, but I do not stir up controversy, because I can guarantee it will not be easy for you to move away from my wrath. Sometimes the horn of my strength is your most powerful enemy. It wouldn’t be the first time that I bumped the pole Believe that….

On that note, I will talk with you tomorrow, as we get to get ready for a holy Shabbat. Peace out people.

P.S.: I am not lost or delusional, I totally understand each degree of my genealogy; although religion has made a mockery of it (Psalm 106:16 and 31).

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