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Entry for May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Today is a cool day. In the last few days we have lot of different weather, rainy weather, which I believe is from the nuclear testing arsenals in Korea. As you can see the US has it’s mouth in everybody’s affairs. I must get that from the US always budding into somebody elses business and saying that I will stick up for them. Wow. I did not know why I had so much in common with this country.

Anyway I went to court yesterday, and I notice that the people are power hungry. I wonder why child support comes up with the stupidest figures. I don’t like child support because it takes the real power of the parties and puts the family into the system. I also don’t like the concept because the family ought to handle their own business.

I got to go, talk with you later.

Note to self:


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Have a great week,

Social work often refer to values and are sensitive perhaps even over-senstive about allegations touching the correctness’ of their values. The (values ) of social work are staple fare in basic textbooks the offial , institutional voices of social work are equally dedicated to pronouncing requistite values .The regulation formula that practice rests upon (knowledge ,skills and valuse) is so well ingrained that it’s conceptual weaknesses are to be neglected .
values should be distinguished from ethics the portmanteau (valuse-and-ethics)contains no useful equipment. The several meanings of (ethics) unfortunately complicate the picture

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