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My culture and My style: I am married into the Torah @ 05-29-2009

May 29, 2009

Shavout – In 2009 it was the ultimate season of Revelation for me.
If you don\’t have the Torah, then you don\’t have anything. Jesus taught the unadulterated word of God, the Torah

V’sha-m’ru v’nei Yis-ra-eil et ha-Shabbat, la-a-sot et ha-sha-bat l’do-ro-tam b’rit o-lam. Bei-ni u-vein b’nei Yis-ra-eil ot hi l’o-lam, Ki shei-shet ya-mim a-sa Adonai et ha-sha-ma-yim v’et ha-a-retz, u-va-yom ha-sh’vi-I sha-vat va-yi-na-fash.

The people of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, observing the Sabbath in every generation as a covenant for all time. It is a sign for ever between Me and the people of Israel. For in six days the Eternal One made heaven and earth, but on the seventh day God rested and was refreshed.

Yesterday, I said that we would talk about the redeeming qualities that make us fit for the bridegroom. I mean there may be a difference in the bridegroom for different religions. I think like in the Christian Religion many denominations believe that Jesus is their God of the entire Universe. Even though God has said that no man should ever see me. Nevertheless, the bridegroom is something that we all should wish for but we do not have. The bridegroom is the anointing that gives us everlasting life; it raises our consciousness and brings us into righteousness. The bridegroom is no religion, the bridegroom will make us into the sons of God; the men and women that we were meant to be (John 3:29). We will no longer worry about Diaspora and the famine, the sword and pestilence. We will have joy to be single, married or divorced and loyal to our spiritual communities; in a congregation that we are growing and learning.

In closing, the Shauvot service consisted of an example of Ruth who wanted to get closer to the Torah by redeeming herself to her clansmen who was an in-law, by virtue of her deceased husband. She was able to savor property and meet with a minyon and she remarried again and had another child which was an ancestor to Jesus Christ (Ruth 4: 8). I thank God for my singleness of heart that is perfected only toward Him, none of this could be possible but for the grace of your Son, Jesus Christ (Psalm 51).

Moreover, there is none other that can promise to keep all that the Father has given Him, except the Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, in the Torah (Haftorah) there are quite a few chapters that give an inclination that there will be attributes that the God’s Presence (Holy Spirit) will equip his people to be just like Him, and that we will perfected in our faith; through His Righteousness. The righteousness is the Lord, Jehovah. “The Lord is Holiness (Exodus 28:36).

Bridegroom Verses:

Isaiah 53:7,10

1 Chronicles 15:25

Jeremiah 31

Revelations 18:23

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