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Da hood ain’t liken dis not one bit: a hero is fallen

June 11, 2009
Hate is powerful make the decision

Hate is powerful make the decision

Updated on June 11, 2009, Guard dies in Hate group attack on the Holocaust museum,  A man snaps with virulent hate from a hateful past, at the atrocities of American economics. Then, a Young Black Guard (Gentile) maybe one of the best dies in attack of White Supremacist, in a lock-and-load raging fit and then he is subdued by other guards and an off duty (Metro DC Police) officer in the area. As stated before, I always get the negative comments directed at me about African Americans i.e., I have a culture that I must preserve that started before April 1865. I ain’t African American and I don’t like it when YOU talk down on people and won’t even let people have a seat, these are characteristics that make people snap. Other articles:
White racist kills Black guard at Holocaust Museum. COMPILED FROM STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS
James Von Brunn: A Profile. By Brian Beutler and Zachary Roth – June 10, 2009, 3:18PM

Posted on June 10th, 2009: I am tired of the negativity, blacks don’t need terrorism in their lives, they should be able to sit down and have a descent seat and they shouldn’t be killed while at work and their children are waiting for them to return home. Living in Maryland is like the enemy of the State. I have been receiving a lot of eerie responses where people can identify with me as the bottom of the pit, black person – you know the kind is a slave to alcohol and drugs. I am in no way the fashion of my ancestors who were strong and nurtured each other and loved each other. I am simply just a black person, and I am too simple to be anything other than black. I am not a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew. I am just a Negro. If I can’t have my identity then there is no difference of me being in a jail. For this reason, I can’t be bothered with religion. I do realize that there are methods but all don’t mean that you are seek the truth of wholesomeness, glory, sanctification and righteousness (1 Timothy 2:21-25). “Just looking at people type and not knowing what it is that they type, and I ask myself, do I look crazy as hell when I type like that…. ?”

From Distressed to Deliverance
Distress, discouragement, depression – are all words that begin with the letter “d.” Jonah must have felt all these emotions when trapped inside the belly of a fish. Similarly, it’s easy for you to feel engulfed and despondent given the current state of the world, overflowing with He said, “In my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me.”

– Jonah 2:2…. violence, hatred and corruption. Nineveh was no different. Yet Jonah was sent by God to such a place, to share the gospel to the worst of offenders. The U.S. military is also sent to countries of despair. They sacrifice in the depths of bunkers and caves to provide defense and freedom to these nations…and yours.

Jonah’s story is evidence of God’s mercy and grace: think of positive “d” words such as deliverance and devotion. Then don’t be swallowed in distress about those serving in the military or the world’s sorry state of affairs, but be set free by allowing God to rescue you from the bondage of despair. Pray to the Lord for our Troops, [and peace in our domestic homelands] and He will respond with His favor so you can trust Him even more.

Recommended Reading: II Corinthians 1:3-11, – Harriet Al-Najjar

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