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My culture: My style @ June 16, 2009

June 18, 2009
Ruth the Moabitess

Ruth the Moabitess

Hello, I just want to send a warm shout out to all those who stopped by my page and listen to tell my stories,, will be main site. I can’t believe that 360 is closing down, but the profiles page is not integrated with much of any Yahoo services. However, I can integrate a feed from other networking sites. You know that if you look for me, my story will not change, and maybe you can find me by googling, and I may be found at the following:

And, well let me get back to the heart of the matter. This weekend was very interesting. I went to study the Torah and managed to arrive on time. I didn’t have to pay extra fare to ride the subway, which was undergoing track maintenance work (700 watts). My connection with the bus was effortless and timely. On the contrast, I did stop to the store to get a snack to last a day or two. You know how we women are and that is that we don’t have money but we have more bags than we want to contend. I got the snacks to last for a meal throughout the week and I had six light bags; that were packed by a female. I saved like twelve dollars on all the good sales. Unfortunately for me, I had just missed a bus so I stood at the bus for like 45 minutes because a Saturday bus is always late, for that specific route. There are many people willing to help me get home, but all are not good, the few chosen may be trustworthy. A good friend of many years can turn on you, if they are a social path or just mentally ill.

As stated earlier, the study was interesting because many were unable to talk about their reluctance to embrace all of their heritage, as it relates to t he social-culture. I often wonder, is my heritage impacting the religious identity of another person. Jesus taught that you should not honor the tradition of men. Jesus said that you may observe your tradition, and He was teaching to His own people. Jesus’ cause was to save His own people from sin.

On Sunday, June 14th, 2009, I went to visit a church with the guest speaker, this church I hear had very big dreams, too big to be associated in a religious denomination. The church’s aspiration are mismatched with their diplomacy. The church made a smart move to buy the property and to remain non-denominational. I don’t know of any gentile denomination that could tolerate the behaviour and conduct that I saw – it’s clearly not under the guidelines of Rabbinical law. Jesus taught the Torah, and He is God’s right hand. Jesus has the authority to tell you to follow His commandments (Matthew 28, Matthew 26:36-42; Psalm 110:4-6). Nevetheless, the Elder had the ordasity to look at me and tell me to that I don’t (did not want to) serve God; and that command me to sing in her choir and get on the usher board – of her congregation. How do you look at a person and pass judgment on their liberty? Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth, so how is it that you can attack the liberty of a person who is reading and clapping and listening attentively?

In closing, I just wanted to leave you with this thought, and that is that I exhort the church as much I can; however, I will not sing in a choir and I don’t know the words. I will not stand as an usher and I had a bad car accident, in 1992. I will not volunteer to do anything but carry the Torah on my back, and I will not be slave to Pharaoh in Egypt (Genesis 47:22). Nevertheless, all people should be kind to strangers, in doing that, full fledge membership in any organization is a benefit, with a privilege. Jesus word decides the reward for a righteous person; which is Rabbinical law. Nevertheless, I had never seen a people really go out of their way to disfigure their face, to the point that the eyes rolled back in their head and you could see nothing but white.I am serious, I could see all white on the ladies eyes. The congregants kepts staring at me, like I was crazy. I was not trying to follow anyone and I knew that they weren’t ready to hear Jesus saves. I agreed not to put people in perspective aNd just to say, Jesus saves. However, what people need to learn and that is because the apostle has less than a handful of people that doesn’t mean she is going to fold, and start following other people.

I got to go, talk with you tomorrow. Peace

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