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Blogging on a hot Saturday, from DC area

August 15, 2009
My appetite spells steak

My appetite spells steak

Here is a hilarious blog mail that was written on the bulletin.

Are you suffering from a low sex drive? Lack confidence and stamina? Love stuffing animal penises into your mouth? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, Guo-Li-Zhuang — a restaurant in Beijing, China — may just be the lunch spot for you. 
Whole yak penis or sheep testicles on a bed of curry, anyone? This restaurant serves painstakingly decorated gourmet dishes for the fearless. They’re supposed to increase male potency, but women should try a bite, too: Eating penis is good for the skin, apparently. 
You’ll get a blast and a half out of Guo-Li-Zhuang’s tasteful interior decoration, soothing ambient music, and kitchen full of cooked animal members. And when it comes to man-meat, Guo-Li-Zhuang just can’t be beat!  
They’ve got horse penis, goat penis, dog penis, pig penis, cock cock…why, they’ve got more penis than you can shake your dick at!  
All that and balls to boot! You can also get any dick with testicles on the side. Would you like pig balls with a goat dick? Done. Dog penis with one horse ball and one rooster ball? Why the hell not? A big horse cock and two tiny chicken balls? 
Or why not indulge yourself with the “man’s mighty meal,” a plate of three floppy dicks and eight—count ‘em eight!—swollen testicles, guaranteed to give you back your virility or send you screaming into the streets.  
The Name – Mercedes A. Terzol aka The Book – 999 Ways 2 Say No 2 A “No-Good Man”  Authors’ website,

U.S. faults Iraq raid that left Iran dissidents dead

After saying little about last month’s incident, American officials are calling it ‘an avoidable tragedy’

Source: The Los Angeles Times 
Washington – The Obama administration criticized Iraqi security forces this week, saying they botched an attempt last month to establish a police station in a refugee settlement for Iranian dissidents, resulting in clashes that claimed the lives of at least eight of the refugees.

Several other of the Iranians were seriously injured and 36 have been reported by humanitarian organizations to be in Iraqi custody and at risk of being forcibly returned to Iran, where they are considered likely to be mistreated.

Hungry for Michael Jackson, then Read More

  1. How Much Is Michael Jackson’s Death Worth? Possibly Nothing,
  2. Michael Jackson Movie Is a Reality,
  3. Michael Jackson Image Exploitation Is a Go,
  4. Michael Jackson Wasn’t Much of a Seoul Man,
  5. No Third Autopsy for “Sliced and Diced” Jackson,
  6. Godfather Denies He’s Bio-Dad of Michael Jackson’s Kids, “As Far As I Know”,
  7. The Next Big Vegas Attraction: Michael Jackson’s Neverland?,
  8. Jacksons Looking to Make a Federal Case Out of Michael’s Death?,


I was sitting at the bus stop sitting down. A lady asked did a woman with a child want to sit down. The lady with the child said, no. Then the elderly lady asked me why I wouldn’t give up my seat. I told her that I had been in a car accident. I was the weak and disabled. I also told her that I can’t treat anyone better than I treat myself. If a person has been offered a seat then I have to believe that if they deny or reject a chance to sit in the chair that was previously occupied by someone else the, it is an ended topic. Why she felt that I was in such greater health that I should not remain seated, I don’t know why. Nevertheless, her tone turned into an argument. I told her I had to sit down; I had endured a car accident in 1992. In spite of all that I received at least three praise reports of the Gospel going forth and miracles being unleashed and the captives are set free from diabetes, gunshot wounds and heart disease (Matthew 8:16).  I can’t wait to hear good reports of the mountain of unemployment being removed. I must read up on the doctrine of prosperity as it relates to finances.

In closing, it is a hot day, and the heat of August 2009 is really kicking in. I have heard about several social causes and I am too tired to make it. I just want to relax and kick back. I want to chill out. In my heart I want to rally for the women issues and the humanitarian issues, but I more want to relax than anything. I don’t want to hemorrhage and upset the balance.

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