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Lets pick up the pen of love

September 12, 2009
A barrage of information has been written concerning the causes leading to the death of a celebrity. What do I think? The jury is still out; I think that the media is a liar and that folks will be ordinary jealous people. Do I consider myself the media? Yes. However, I am not the type of People that don’t care that when whisper, and tell lies to hurt another character, integrity; so that I would fall and I wouldn’t be able to bind spoken life; health; prosperity over me.

The issues that the media present are hyperbola; and have not presented the facts. Even the information that I believe to be true, that could go in the history books, has been presented ineffectually. I have read many articles of conjuncture that were disseminated over the internet, that are just not true. I think I am responding the same way that I would respond if the roles were reversed, against a gifted friend or not, and had that person did more for people with the exception of Jesus Christ, this I know to be true. As I continue to celebrate the positive contributions to the performing arts, entertainment and recording history. I am compelled to uphold the highest ethics, to disseminate fact or fiction. My short term goal is to succeed in my endeavors to perform scholarly research that supports the first African-American to break racial barriers, after 1969 – in the entertainment industry.

On the contrary, we should demonstrate love to our neighbors as ourselves, and that means that we should not write nasty and disturbing news articles about our neighbor, who is someone’s brother, husband, father, and nephew. The naysayers call us ‘crack heads, crazy, something to be wrong with you’ and make false accusation of every unmentionable abuse to ourselves and others in our world (2 Peter 2:11) As citizens of the global world, I think that we should be spending our time hallowing the name of God: sharing, caring, praying, fasting, loving, testifying about how I am a better person today than 5 minutes ago after I kneeled down to pray, in the name of Jesus. When we hallow the name of God, we are on our way to eternal life by loving our neighbor and leaving all. When you leave all, and return to God you will receive a 100 fold (one hundred fold) in this life time; and inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of God – in the name of Jesus (Matthew 19:29; Mark 10:28-31; Luke 18:28-30; Matthew 4:18-22). In the Gospel, the word of God frees, heals and we triumphantly overcome all that we left in this world. I will overcome the tribulation of this world, as long as I remain standing in His word. I remain fully persuaded that if we remain in love that peace will guard our hearts and minds. Let us discern truth, noble, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy and a good report (Philippians’ 4:8).

Love is patience. Love is only genuine when you are kind (M. Sapp). I know God favors me because I can triumph over my enemies. If I listen or read something then I can tell if someone is talking about me behind my back, idle talk. Idle talk is a form of rebellion and can lead to idol worship at its highest form. I don’t believe news articles, but I believe what the word of God says about me, there lies my potential – that the parables are true (Matthew 8:12; 13: 41-42, 50; 21:43; 22:13; 24:51; and 25:30). The word of God says that if I don’t believe then the Holy One will give it to another nation. If you remember Moses begged God to allow the congregation to inherit the promise (Numbers 14:11-22). Portion of Ki-Tavo, states that the (community as a whole should observe the law); and that the congregation would bear the consequence to disobedience such as slander in the land: the stranger shall be above; and you he shall also be the lender Deuteronomy 28:45-46, see verse 45; and all of these curses shall come upon you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the LORD your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you. See Verse 46 They will be a sign and a wonder to you and your descendants forever.

A wise person wrote that the Apostle Paul was the greatest evangelist ever and I believe that he is very professional and learned from the best. In a devotional he wrote that our bodies were God’s temple (1st Corinthian 3:16-17, and many forces are at work to assault the unfortified areas of our communication be it through the telephone, cell phone or the internet. Many of the forces that verbally assault are the media, which is a fine example of an evil force that disseminates idle talk in their (hell bound) realm; which harbors envy, strife, or division that may undermine your. Over the last several weeks, I have taken notice that many people have fluidly allowed their ink pens to go unchecked and unguarded, and individuals have been attacked with their words – as an enemy to a human soul words are very damaging ( Matthew 6:22-23). Nevertheless, each person must refuse to give place to the devil – the idle talk, false witness of our neighbor (Ephesians 4:27). As a matter of fact we should love our neighbors as ourselves. Many of you do not want the Gospel, and you would rather act evil towards your neighbor (Matthew 10:5-8). Jesus prayed that after the conversion, you would be delivered from the evil one (Luke 11:4; Mark 11:25; and Matthew 18:35).

Nevertheless, the Gospel continues in the Book of Acts, which has no logical ending, wrote Roberts. True, the book is like any other great epilogue, there are others who have picked up the mantle and are continuing what they received from the book to be true. Therefore, as Roberts would go on to say the Book of Acts is still being written – by the blood and fire, the sweat and tears and the faith of God’s people. I recall in a book written by a prophet, the angel wrote the deeds of Judah down on a roll, with a gold tip pen – studded in diamonds. There are people martyred for the Jewish principles, that form the entire bible and they live in Africa, North America and a host of other nations in a few other continents, because they are giving their lives to Christ. I always say if each one to teach one, then we can add another page, to the Chapters unwritten in the Book of Acts. Before, the book of Acts is complete the Holy Spirit must move in the hearts of men and women; the truth is God’s word; and the truth shall set you free.

Genovese (1976) writes, “that the philosophical problem of religion, its truth and falsehood, represents’ a domain only partially separate from that of politics (Marx and Engels). Since religion expresses the antagonisms between the life of the individual and that of society, it cannot escape being profoundly political (Balandier). The truth of religion comes from its symbolic rendering of man’s moral experience; it proceeds intuitively and imaginatively. Its falsehood comes from its attempt to substitute itself for science and to pretend that its poetic statement are information in his world about his moral and social relationships-even when it makes statements about his relationship to God. Even when a man’s adherence to a religion is purely formal or ritualistic, essential elements of his politics are thereby exposed, for participation in rites normally means participation in social acts that precede, rather than follow, individual emotional response. He enters usually as a child, into a pattern socially directed behavior that conditions his subsequent emotional development and that, from the beginning, presupposes a community and a sense of common interest (Pritchard and Santayana). For good reason the whites of the Old South tried to shape the religious life of their slaves overtly, covertly and even intuitively fought to shape it themselves.”

In closing, God wants you to hallow His name. God wants you to serve Him with joyfulness’ and with gladness. God wants you to serve Him with all your heart, and to live life abundantly (John 10:10). Ephesians 3:20 states (20) Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us (Romans 16:25; 1 Corinthian 2:9; and Col. 1:29). Like my indirect ancestors, I charge you to guard yours actions from the evil one – depart from temptation. Therefore be gatekeepers of truth, sound doctrine and the authority from God, and don’t forget to sing and rejoice. The enemy will be confused when you praise God. No one will threaten you when you rejoice and praise God, let your laughter turn to mourning – because there shall be great tribulation (Mark 13:19 and Matthew 24:21).

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