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Response to, “Guess who is coming to dinner?”

November 21, 2009

The Eighteenth Chapter of Genesis is known as the Vayeira. The Vayeira Parsha means that he will command his children and his household after him and that they shall keep the way of God.[i] Previously in the other chapters of Genesis we studied a Memorial Portion called Noach Parsha, which means that “he will command his children and his household after him that they should keep the way of God” – that he would ensure that his children’s children would do charity (tzedakah) and justice (Verse 18). With the reassurance from the scriptures, Abraham kept the way of God. In this chapter, LORD and two angelic beings have revealed themselves to Abraham, and have fellowship with Abraham, in the evening at dinner time. Thus, Abraham has a divine appearance from God. God revealed Himself to Abraham by the Oaks of Mamre (Alon Mamre) – as he sat by the door, probably between 12pm to 5pm, and it was the temperature was hot, outside.

The eighteenth chapter of the Book of Genesis starts off with Abraham waiting at the door, probably hoping that he could share his hospitality, with a passerby. Abraham ministered in town, throughout the land of Canaan. In earlier verses of another Chapter he had been circumcised, so he was using his faith by going the extra effort and while sitting in the hot sun, to the evening. Most people would be resting, but not Abraham. As a matter of fact he got a blessing, he was healed and it was confirmed that he and his wife of the promise, Sarah would soon be expecting another child, at a designated child. I bet Isaac looked just like his father, Abraham. Nevertheless, Abraham was ministered unto by the Angels of God; and the tables were turned. Abraham always ministered to others and opened his home for people to follow-up with God’s word. Abraham had no problems opening up about the unadulterated word, which is his faith. He is ready to fellowship with anyone who embraces his ideals, identity, faith, religions, behavior, and characteristics etc.

Then three men suddenly appeared in the plain view, and in front of Abraham. Therefore, Abraham has four guests, but did you know the Lord is always there. He never leaves my side. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient: My God is sovereign. However, Abraham hurriedly ran adjacent toward the three men, once he discovered that they were there in his house and exclaimed, “My Lord!….” Talking about Red Carpet Treatment, Abraham is giving the best hospitality every time. Enough good cannot be said about Abraham, he is a special guy that knows how to treat his guest really wonderful. Abraham evangelizes and then he is available  to fellowship with anyone who wants to discuss more about his beliefs and his existentialism and faith – the heart of righteousness and the essence of fellowship is there for all to see.

Most important is that I think we all want to know whether or not God revealed himself to Abraham? Who do you think are the guest. The two of three men could be angels, or one Rabbi wrote that they could be the three Angels called, Michael which means the closest to God; Raphael which means Healing of God; or Gabriel which means the Might of God. Michael may have come to confirm the covenant through Abraham’s circumcision; to preach the good news (good tidings is the gospel) to Abraham – that Sarah has already conceived a child, and the birth of Abraham is impending. Raphael may have also come to heal from his incision of the circumcision. He may have also come to rejuvenate the womb of Sarah, so his appearance was similar to our modern day Tent Revivals. Gabriel is mighty and from God, the Gospel is the Might of God. Likewise this is the same angel that tells Mary and Elizabeth, the descendants of Aaron that they will be mothers to children.[ii] Gabriel announces the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, the Messiah and Son of God. Gabriel may also have been the angel to overthrow Sodom, and rescue Lot, by pulling him in the house and encouraging him to leave Sodom. Once the Angels knew where Lot would be going, which was the city of Zoar (the little city).

God said to Abraham that Sarah is commanded and she will be blessed with a son, she will get a new name change. Sarah will be blessed, meaning that she will be a mother of nations, kings of nations (Genesis 17:15-16).[iii] God said that Sarah would bear as son, and he would be called Isaac. “I will establish my covenant, and his descendants after him.”[iv]

The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was very grievous and God was merciful and gracious and spared Lot, because he remembered Abraham. The people in the town cried out to the LORD. The city failed to let a foothold of evangelism transform the land, no one wanted to listen to Abraham and the rebellion before the LORD had been going on for some time now. The people in the land were rebellious and so Abraham woke up early the next morning and watched the smoke and destruction of the Sodom and Gomorrah – the brimstone of fire that rained from heaven from God. The inhabitants of Sodom were evil and their deeds were wicked, the people acted as though they were sons of disobedience.

In concluding my commentary, I thank God that I can see the good in this story. I listened to other people comment on the Holy Scriptures in the Bible and I was like do you have a reading comprehension problem. Most of all, I do not like for people to talk ill of my family. Moreover, it is disrespectful to talk ill of the Holy Patriarchs, who formed the Jewish Nation, from Adam, Noah, Serug, Terah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Jacob, and you. The list goes on, so please show some respect when critiquing the bible. However, some people seem to believe that there is no link to Abraham, the Holy Scriptures command differently. You can adopt into the faith of Abraham, because Abram means the father of the faith for the Black, Hamitic tribe: Abraham. He advocates with God because his was Abram and later added Ham, which means that he was the Father of Blacks.[v] The word “Ham,” and all his sons names black.

In closing this evening, we will stop at the fact that in the first verse of the 18th Chapter and again in the Chapter 20, God reveals Himself, and he also sends Angelic messengers that speak as representatives from the Kingdom of God. As Abraham learns about the Kingdom of God, his faith is counted as righteous. The Angel blesses Abraham’s household to confirm his faith in Genesis 15:5 and Genesis 17:4 and Genesis 18:18, which God had revealed himself three times prior to the angelic interpretation of prophecy; that his household would be healed, safe, protected, divine provision and that all would prevail before their enemies. Therefore, Abraham’s blessings extended to Lot and he saw that the city of Sodom and the city of Gomorrah had been destroyed. Later we will reveal that his blessings are extended to his household servants and his descendants (Genesis 17:13).[vi]

Finally lets us remember that the gift of miracles is far more important spiritual strategy than whose daddy is Abraham. All homes should have a father figure in it like Abraham or a mentor that is readily available. To receive a miracle requires special faith, to make you whole and to heal you and your posterity. Jesus is the Son of God, and a great teacher and pointed t the inward process of confessing your sins, before men. Jesus has the power to forgive and no other name offers salvation. Remember Jesus fame grew beyond the lands of Naphatali and Zebulon and he went throughout Syria and he healed them all. Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and the healing of all People, see Matthew 4:17-20)[vii]



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