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Thalia’s Journal 8/06/2010 01:43:00 PM

August 6, 2010

If time permits, I will also post some notes that I drafted from Deuteronomy 12 and Deuteronomy 15. Just thinking about my childhood. Every Sunday, I would attend Harvey Memorial Baptist Church. Reverend Fireball McKinney was everything to me, mentor, Father, friend, Pastor and Preacher. The church family treated me like gold – yes I was a spoiled prince and I was in everyone’s family Tongue. I listened really well, I was not too involved but attended church regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I was a typical child, but for the most part we all loved each other for the good and the bad, the chaos and the calm of the storm. I thank God that I grew up in a place that understood my adolescent age, my adulthood, my being me. And most of the privacy that I needed when my Mother died on July 5th, 1990 at 10:20 am in Laurel, Maryland. {This is my Tradition}. thank you for letting me tell you my story as I see it, not that it is right but as I saw it growing up in the south of the U.S. Posted By Thalia to Thalia’s Journal at 8/06/2010 01:43:00 PM.

I have grown and I will never forget my youth and the scriptures says we should not forget a youth, but here is some of the music or culture that was similar to me during the civil rights era to the early 1990’s while I attended Harvey Memorial Baptist Church which is now under the name of the Master’s Touch. If Christian Missionaries ever had a challenge, there work cut out for them and that was long term and full of many hundred fold blessings on this Jewish girl, a descendant of Aaron, then I made the all time list. As you know God promised Aaron his line forever. So I am hoping that I make it into God’s eternal rest. Red rose. As you can see with the artist nothing much has changed not from 1965, 1990 or even this day as Moses has commanded you and I, in 2010.

Nevertheless, have a beautiful weekend. God bless you.

God Loves You Best,

Thalia C. Sanders i.p.emsmiled.gif

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