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The Disciples of Jesus Christs’ Parsha Vayeishev, Genesis 37:1-36. Sabbath Dec. 17 2011

December 23, 2011


Haftorah Amos 2:6 through Amos 3:8

The Book of Genesis, in Chapter 37:1-36

Jacob dwelt in the land of Canaan, a land that Isaac sojourned as a stranger (Genesis 37:1)

Joseph was 17 years old, he fled the flock with his brethren and he would bring unto their father an evil report (Genesis 37:2).

Jacob immediately transforms into Israel because he loved Joseph, which like was the baby,  more than all of his children. He also made Joseph a coat of colours. When the other children saw that their father loved Joseph the most, and the other siblings hated Joseph all the more, because his father Israel first loved he, or him.

It is so funny that in this story I am the baby, and I have had to triumph over zeal for my parents affection and attention, time after time. My mother would go through great pains to protect me. I am very fortunate to that all of us are still alive and no one is in jail. One situation I will talk about is the time my father paid my rent, we had both lived in the same apartment building. The resident manager refunded his check, and I was soon evicted. I should have known that my siblings could not stand for my father to outwardly display his affection (half sisters and brothers who can not prove their relation; and that retalliation was soon impending because the pipes in the tier, of at least the 8th floor had busted, and I had lost a lot of clothes that were just laying on the floor – supposedly insurance didn’t pay for house keeping issues.

Nevertheless, there was some jealousy that rendered the tribe inoperable. It has gotten so bad that when I need something, I have to get on my knees and pray to God. “Oh God, this is the house of Jacob, and I come to you in the name of Jesus.” For me, this petition is a formal prayer, and hopefully the prayer seals the deal. Most importantly, I feel a whole lot better coming up then when I initially got down on my knees. I can certainly say that I got up off my knees a better person than when I went down on my knees.

Believe it or not, my father is also named “Abraham,” so I take a Abrahamaic Covenant very seriously. Yet, if it weren’t for my dual Cherokee lineage, I too would be a stranger sojourned in this land. But, I tell you no lie this is where most of the dissent comes from, even thought I maintained that I didn’t dram that anyone would be serving me.

For instance, many people hate children – your children, then they already know that what the ends going to be, the glory of a man. Then there is also people who believe that since you are good at bringing people together which doesn’t mean that you should be in obeisance to me. Nevertheless, after Joseph had obeyed Israel and left the valley of Hebron and sought his brothers in Schechem, that were supposed to be feeding the flock, but where was the flock? We shall see. (Genesis 37:6-11) Nevertheless there are times when I have tried to spend time with my sisters and they were they could not let me come along for the ride, on behalf of my son, to wash clothes or go to the grocery store. I mean this is so totally irrational, that you make people catch the bus to church, the local church and to the grocery store. Obviously, I don’t have a friend in my family, because my kids are too small to drive me anywhere. Well, Joseph went to check on his brothers as his father had requested and the rest of his life was ruined, he ended up in slavery. (Genesis 37:19-28)  So I understand this parable because I know what it is like for a family, starting with your third cousins to decide that they do not want to take to you to church, or the grocery store, it is a feeling of dirty shame, but I can’t control how people feel about me (Genesis 37:12-17,18)

To make a long story short, family can be your worst enemy, but I prefer them to be my best enemy. You have to hope that God says it shall come to pass; because if man says it shall come to pass, then if you go looking for your family they can either grant you favor through the grace of Jesus Christ, because he is the firstborn son of God. (Genesis 37:29-35)  Jesus saves, he gives us an identity and he gives us love. Or your family really do something dirty to you like disrupt your home with witchcraft, and usher in an evil and unshakeable spirit of poverty; like bacteria poverty won’t willingly go away. If you were only trying to help me, well that’s all good but did you ever stop and think that you have set the achievements of the civil rights movment back by atleast sixty years. By doing this, you render feeble and incapacitated people hopeless, and we are talking about the widows and the orphans — this is what the church is designated to do and that is to care for the widows and the orphans and to preach the good news to the downtrodden and the broken hearted and the poor. You lack maternal nurturing, and you won’t let Jesus be your Heavenly Father, so what do you really have to offer anyone that you choose to work with and under your guise they get your favor. You have to stop using blood money (money from your family and giving it to your boy) that otherwise would have been applied to the proceeds of their probate estate (Genesis 37:36)

Disciples Reference

Jeremiah 49:13,17,18

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Hosea 12:13-14:10; Hosea 11:7-13:5

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Acts 5:33-42; Acts 22:3,34; Acts 2:33,37,46; Acts 7:9,51; Acts 4:20,42; Acts 4:19,40

The Book of Obadiah (The Bible)

Recommended Readings

Lambert Dolphin. “Brief History and Final Destiny of Edom.” Last reviewed, Dec. 8th 2009.

Introduction to Obadiah; The Identity of Edom (Obadiah). Last reviewed, Dec. 8th, 2009.

Bible Magazine. “The Way to Jerusalem: Edom of the Latter Days.” Last reviewed, December 8th, 2009.

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