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About Thalia S. (Thalia C. Sanders)

Thallia and Jeremiah“I am a 53 year old single female, the youngest of three girls from the union of my parents. My beloved Mother passed in 1990, and my father well I am still sassy to him. I am the mother of two children (24) girl and (16) boy. I am an aunt to three nephews from my oldest sister of the same parental union. Later to the halves and the half-nots. We have resided near our hometown of Washington,D.C. for the last 15 years – in the country of Prince Georges’ Maryland. (he he ha ha)

I have never been married. I am currently not telling whether or not that I am seeing anyone in the United States. I am a heterosexual female, and I like a man who is sexy and confident, with good hygiene and a good sense of humor.

One of the next questions will be my nationality. While I must admit that religion has changed the way I see my people; and so I struggle to believe we are all God’s children. I have been in America for over 500 years, but I am not an honorary member of my tribe. I am a part of the diaspora of many countries, but yet I can’t find the twelve tribes of Israel. My people are scattered and we don’t know each other.

I am not lost or delusional. I am very aware of my heritage and I refuse to let anyone pencil me in or out of my inheritance.

Last but not least, I am the type of person who has many interestand hobbies, outside of leisure and luxury . For instance, I like to support many worthy causes not limited to the societies that protect the rights of all animals (especially the German Shepherd). I am avid fan of United Peace Federation that supports the Millineum project Goals of the United Nations. On the contrast, I recommend Jericho Christian Filled Center in Landover, Maryland. It is a large 10,000 seater and you can come in and fellowship and sit down anywhere you like, and enter the growing knowledge that Jesus is Lord.

I recently was blessed to meet the people of the vigil for the Ashraf Camp in Iraq that is protected by the US led UN Coalition forces. Also, I hope to donate lots of money as a partner to the program for youth, known as the “Seeds of Peace.”

I have also been a benefactor of the Global Peace Festivals, the service project is called 1,000,000 kind acts. I continue to be an avid fan and supporter when possible to all organizations that support peace i.e., financial partner that equips the youth to engage the world in peace.

And last but not least, I love my beautiful black brother, Al Sharpton, and he was in town on the weekend on Saturday, May 16th, 2009 and will march near the white house in commemoration of the Brown v. Board of Education. Therefore, I am an avid supporter of the National Action Network.

I love to promote peace. In my spare time I like to arts and craft shows, wine tasting events, native american festivals, and other community festivals (the weekend of 05/14/2009 to 05/17/09, there was an open Greek Festival for the community at a Greek Orthodox Church).

I love to meet new and exciting people. I hope that being a (international and domestic) human rights activist will lead to a blazing trail. I will never say that my interest is for this person or that person because I want to be redeemed by God, the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein. Finally, I hope that people will like to play the UNO’s card game, bikeriding and rollerskating.”

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  1. Emmanuel Anyim permalink
    February 20, 2010 6:09 am

    Av read about you,you are a good woman and you sound very responsible….i wish all women were just like you….am dam so glad to be your friend here,continue your good works and be the best you can be.

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