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Article on the Disparity Between the States Regarding Termination of Parental Rights

May 7, 2017

Turtle Talk

Here. Not ICWA-specific, but an interesting article on the wide difference of the states in terminating parental rights.

Across the country, the availability of effective support services is viewed as crucial in helping reduce the need for foster care placements and parental rights terminations, both of which are considered undesirable outcomes for most children.

Professor Martin Guggenheim, a child welfare expert at New York University School of Law, is among those contending that too many parents lose their rights and too many children go into foster care. Parents’ legal prospects vary widely from state to state when it comes to challenging termination, he says; many who are indigent are represented by court-appointed lawyers with heavy caseloads.

Too often, Guggenheim said, terminations produce “legal orphans” — young people who are separated from their parents, then do not receive a successful adoption placement, and eventually age out of the foster care…

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I Cross My Heart

April 26, 2017

Amen. The word of God Couldn’t get any better. The word of God is convicting; and piercing. I’m just absolutely loving on the unadulterated truth of God’s word. God is jealous for me and who wants to Have a perfect on God’s purpose through the will of God. I praise God .

I was trying to think of what the law of the day would be when I fell asleep. It came to me in a dream. I literally saw myself writing this blog. I immediately woke up, sat at my computer and began to write. I just could not help but thinking this is something God really wants to impress upon us. Our hearts!!! Our hearts are more important then I think we realize and it is our hearts that is really destroying us as well as our society. So this is the law of the guarded heart!!!

The law of the guarded heart.

The heart is called the seat of the soul. This is because wherever our hearts set we will surely follow. God speaks of our heart many times throughout the bible. God says he does not look at our actions or our outer appearance God judges the heart.

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Apple vs. Qualcomm

January 21, 2017

Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit against supplier Qualcomm on Friday, following a U.S. government lawsuit which accused the chip maker of using anti-competitive tactics to maintain its monopoly of a key semiconductor used in mobile phones. In the lawsuit, Apple aapl accused Qualcomm qcomm of overcharging for its chips and for refusing to pay…

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Here’s Where the 10 Federal Self-Driving Car Test Sites Are — Fortune

January 21, 2017

The U.S. Department of Transportation picked 10 official sites for developing and testing self-driving car technology, one of the last actions the agency made under the leadership of former U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. The DOT made the announcement Thursday, Foxx’s last day as secretary. On Friday, Donald Trump was sworn in as president and…

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REUTERS: Justice Department to investigate Chicago police

December 7, 2015

Rachel Dolezal and Andrea Smith: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Identity

July 8, 2015

Its sad that you have to be a survivor of genocide to be considered something that you simply are….

Thalia S.

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Rachel Dolezal and Andrea Smith: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Identity

July 8, 2015

Yeah well I know that I am Cherokee, Rachel Dolezal and Andrea Smith: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Identity.

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